2014 a year of change!!!

Posted on 30 December 2014

2014, what a year!!! Sweet Confessions has had a year of sweet change. The year has flown by so quick, and I would never have thought that at the start of the 2014 that I would be where I am now. For me this has been a long journey of discovery not only in a business sense but from a decorating point of view and most importantly a personal point of view. For all those who are in the cake business or love create cakes and desserts you will know what it means when get into the zone and everything in your mind is clear and you enter your own world. This year was all about coming into my world, a world of all things sweet and creations that sometimes I shock myself that I have created. so what have I achieved in 2014.... Sweet Confessions found a new home in Findon, which I love and I have some of the most fantastic business next door and going to work is as much about our morning coffee as much as it is about running our businesses. For a creation point of view, I have to say that this year I was lucky enough to have create some amazing cakes for my beautiful clients, from mickey mouse, to elegant gold and ivory wedding cakes to a huge 11 tier wedding cake, am truly lucky.
From a personal point of view, I would have to say that I have grown stronger, happier and most of content with life as a cake artist, and am so looking forward to 2015 with the special man in my life and my customers. Which brings to my topic of this blog, We tend to forget the good things that happen in our life, so Why Not Confess, WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED THIS YEAR?

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